Anonymous asked:

have you no sense of empathy? Or any problem with what happened here?


I am so sorry everyone.

How dare my extremely cruel self doesn’t have sympathy for people who cheered for Hitler and wants another genocide on everyone who isn’t white, straight, cis and able bodied.

Anonymous asked:

Yes, original bloge runner waskinda dumb in saying what they did. This doesn't give you (or anyone else) a free pass to push them to killing themselves and then mocking them for it.

Pffffft yeeeeah I am sooooo harassing her right now, I haven’t sent her any messages or anything like that, and I won’t, I wasn’t raised in a fucking barn like you and the rest of the Anon’s.

Anonymous asked:

the original blog runner being dead gives you no right to post-humously mock them into oblivion. what if something like this happened to you?

Actually she is now onĀ social-justice-suckers

And if I start going around wishing genocide on non whites, non hetros, non Cis people, then burn me at the stake because I don’t deserve any respect.